Character information
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Name: Kino Aina - Devil Nankami
Age: 15
Hair: Red (brown at first)
Eyes: Red (light brown at first)
Root: Hell

The youngest child of King Devil Mao. She doesn't remember anything about her own race, and believe she's just a normal girl. Returning to Hell complicate things, when she doesn't know how to get along with "people" that are already dead. The only "people" she can rely on is her own father that she won't admit, and Kenji who is now no longer with her.

There's a black mark on Aina's right cheek. It is proof that she's the daughter of a King of Hell.

Name: Kniven
Age: ...
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Ice - blue
Root: Hell

The one who got the job to force Aina back to Hell. He likes to see blood, and sometimes leave someone with a cut(-s). Because of this, Aina gets worried...of herself. He even told her that there are more evil around her so she can't feel at piece. A sadistic person. To make things even worse, Aina's brother recomended him as her bodyguard 24h/day. At first, he didn't want to, but took it as a chance for an old revenge.

Name: Nori
Age: ...
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Root: Heaven

A transfer student that later becomse Aina's close friend. Since she's an angel she often blinds Kniven easily with her purifying aura. She doesn't stay long in Hell because of the rules. Nori isn't as tender and nice looking girl you see at first. Rather the oppostite.

Name: Hayate Kenji
Age: 17
Hair: Platinum blond
Eyes: Gray
Root: Earth

Aina's Childhood friend from Earth. He acts like her big brother, and often visit her at school at lunch to keep her company (knowing that she doesn't trust other people). He's the first victim to show the mystery illness of being close to Aina.

After chapter one, he'll only be a flashback of Aina's past life. If he ever appears again, that'll be a surprise. There isn't much to say about his personality. He seems to be a caring person, and gives a litte bit of mature presence (?).

Name: King Devil Mao
Age: very old
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Root: Hell

Despite his age, his appearance says other things. He appears now and then, and when he's gone he's usually out on business. King mostly look gentle, but is very serious when it's about work around Aina. His true personality is quit different from the rumors.

He's the one who sent Aina to Earth. The only reason was because Aina's body was weak and couldn't stand the enviorment. He also sealed away her royal mark so she could be in human form until the day she became healthy.