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Pumpkin Princess

Confusing and random "plot" about Aina (Nankami). The first chapter is when she's still on Earth trying to fit in as a normal girl but slowly realizing that she doesn't belong there and has to return to Hell. Chapter 2 and so on will continue about her life as a devil princess. Parts like romance will slowly but surely appear :) - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - Please go easy on me when it comes to gramma ^^; not so good with english TT_TT Manga is read from Right to Left. Tries to update: 2-4 pages once every two weeks/once a month.



Since I've gotten used to my pace at drawing, I've realized this and the rest of my comics will progress very slowly. Therefore I hope you don't mind me updating 2-4 pages once every two weeks/once a month. Though it could take faster or later updating. Hope you don't mind too much and that I guess you already have a feeling about this^^;

posted by Lahime @ February 20th, 2009, 6:18 am  -  0 comments

- ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ -

Why Pumpkin princess? I don't know, weird title? It has no special meaning, even if the main characters name means nanka(pumpkin)-mi(fruit) in japanese and the girl is a princess. I looked it through internet, and I might have understood or searched it wrong. If anything offends you/myself from my comic, I don't mean to!! Cause I don't know you and I just don't know things too well.

When I draw this comic, I belive the tones I use...look rushed and random + the linearts too. I'll try to not give it too much thoughts so I can save time.
Be prepared, pages can look different. I want too focus on didgital work, but it could also be sketches (meaning no ink+with/without screentones).

Hmm...does my comic resemble someone elses? Nothing is origianl nowadays? I have to admit, I love reading some of these people's work: Matsuri Hino, Rumiko Takahashi, Arina Tanemura, Eiichiro Oda.

Okay that should be wait. If you're not used to reading manga, it might be even harder to understand the story. Also English is not my origianl language. And the updates comes whenever I feel like it. When I update, I usually add 2-4 pages before disappearing for awhile.

I would feel less stressful if you don't ask when the update comes. Though, knowing that you still want to read it makes me happy. I hope to see you again!!

Thank you for reading this *bows*

posted by Lahime @ August 5th, 2008, 11:04 am  -  0 comments

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